Air End Rebuilt Services

Air End Rebuilt Services

Atlas Copco NON O.E.M Oil Free Air End

We offer alternative non-O.E.M Atlas Copco oil free air ends, maintenance and service kits.  We have all of the skills you need to be your alternative service provider and reduce your reliance on the O.E.M and save on average 30% less on compressor maintenance.

Together with the wide range of complimentary consumable spare parts and metallic parts you have almost 95% of your equipment maintenance parts from one supplier and service rates that are far less than O.E.M rates.


GHH Non O.E.M Air End Rebuilt

We offer refurbished GHH non-O.E.M oil free elements covering the single and two stage range of GHH models.

All our products will be tested in our partnering factory with dedicated air end test centre for two hours’ duration before issue with complete install instructions for the install engineer on correct opinion install, etc.


Oil Flooded/ Contact Cooled Refurbished Air End

We offer oil flooded/ contact cooled air end refurbished. In cases which air end is beyond repair due to swirling and grooving between housing and the rotors, we can send you refurbished unit to minimize your down time.


Warranty on rebuilt air ends

All our alternative air end comes with 12 months warranty period (running parameters meeting satisfactory standards) with test report and separate air quality can be arranged by third party certification company.


Oil Free Air End Trade In Program

Why discard your used oil free air end? We offer trade in old air end, talk to us at phone +65 8282 1880 or email

We offer training on oil free/oil flooded compressors and spare parts together with the support for installation.