Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed Air Dryer

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Water Injected Oil Free Compressor

Compressed Air dryers are important as the final air quality air rely not only on the correct operating dew point but also the correct compressed air parameters. In Singapore, air dryers are very important as the atmospheric air in this region is very humid. In order to achieve correct quality of compressed air, either refrigerant or desiccant air dryer must be used and resultant air treated effectively and efficiently before allow into the main pressure headers. Any untreated compressed air will not only jeopardise the instrumentation and process control system but also risk the contamination of costly base products, resulting in big financial losses and production downtime to business owners.

We always emphasize proper and sound maintenance system so that business owners and many users can consistently experience lower than expected downtime and fully utilizations of their investment. We can provide one stop solution by offering turnkey solutions including correct sizing of new equipment in the initial stage, commissioning and decommissioning of compressed air systems, customised preventive maintenance packages, overhauling and repairs, spare parts to cater for all stages of our customer’s needs.